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Date added: 2004-12-21
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Date Added: 2004-12-21 07:38:53

if i could just take you through
nothin with me and you
you'll see what i can do
when i do what i do
then i bet you will not bother me
like you do cuz you're fine
you would rather spend your time
[verse 1- kon artis]
you think you know it all dont you dawg all about my life and all
when i'm poppin this vicadon and drinkin all this alcohal
all up in these clubs throwin up like i aint got them all
but thats what you see when you see me hangin wit bringin 'em
funny when i'm bustin my ass for this money when
you aint never round helpin out but showed you come to them
run to them wantin in, 30 *****z long when you called me to the door
i turn to leave and all your friends then they talk behind my back again
i'm bout to do a smack again, have another baby cuz sex i aint practicin
glocky glock squeezey squeeze by this bein fake is b n u is just your misconception of perception if you're seein me
if i could just take you through
nothin with me and you
you'll see what i can do
when i do what i do
then i bet you will not bother me
like you do cuz you're fine
you would rather spend your time
[verse 2- proof]
i aint gotta like you dude, plenty of time to fight you thru
arrogant this might be true, smack your bitch slightly true
runnin from the white and blue for blowin up your bible school
lemme show this rifle dude to ill i got a liscence too
nice of you to think i'm not, but i'm ill this true poppin pills shootin guns
goin to jail (i'll shoot you), yes i'm lotto touched the wire, fuckin bust a nut in myers
kelley didnt touch that girl, then again i'm such a liar, this is me all day
you rubbin me the wrong way, listen what the song say and past the fuckin bombey
andele' on the over play for the under play andre is more swift with gun play
one day i'm proof, next i'm em, teks i carry on the run way its necessary that my sex is very nun gay
hey detroit we dont play with them gays blame it on our mama's cuz that the way we was raised
[verse 3- swifty]
they like to know what i can do they aint got the slightest clue
question my integretey, i mean it ***** who is you
you better be prepared for beef cuz we aint need a new recruit
blow a hole inside a ***** bigger than a hoola hoop
see i know the bidness, who the hell you talkin stupid too?
fuck you up have your face lookin like a rubix cube
you can walk the good with me, we can take an acid break
all you gotta do is chew tablet ***** have a drink, gamble
wit us, pop a blank (man this shit aint new to you)
what the fuck you *****z think, i can shoot at muslims too
***** hey what about that pretty bitch you call your wife, i'ma hit it *****
i been suckin titties all my life, stealin shit and startin fights
pissin on your lawns at night, we hard to get along wit
stay honery like dolemite ***** you can be polite, i dont talk to people right
and so does the rest of us, you hatin us cuz we alike
[verse 4- bizarre]
hey boys and girls, think your jaws is real cool hangin out in the news
actin like a damn fool, its the big guy with the shower cap kickin sick raps
talkin bout fuckin kids in the asscrack, never mind bizarre, you know he's on medication
smokin weed, drinkin brew, third grade education, all in your house, blunt in my mouth
call you a bitch and pee on your spouse
[verse 5- kuniva]
look i dont like the chitter chatter, ask the faggots if it matters
then i'd have to splatter rappers just for actin target practice
time for action, i'm kuniva, the wet vagina finder so never mind your rhymer
chumps you might see me behind a pump and yes it damages
and puts *****z in bandages and yes i love my pistol like bizarre loves all his sandwhiches
business is strenuous you fuckin wit some genuises so many people on my nutz
i wonder how my penis is, girls are prudent wit bodies like venus and serena's is
i turn 'em down my wife'll kill me if she every seen this shit, i mean this shit
i'm silly man, i'm smart i'm really ignorant i'm innonence and guilty at the same time
[go and figure it]

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