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Home > Lyrics > M > M.C. Hammer > U Cant Touch This
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Date added: 2004-12-21
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U Cant Touch This
M.C. Hammer

Date Added: 2004-12-21 13:33:53

U can't touch thism.c. hammeru can't touch thisu can't touch thisu can't touch thisu can't touch thismy-my-my-my (u can't touch this) music hits me so hardmakes me say,"oh my lord thank you for blessing mewith a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet"it feels goodwhen you know you're sowna superdope homeboy from the oaktownand i'm known as suchand this is a beat-uh!u can't touch thisi told you homeboyu can't touch thisyeah, that's how we livin' and you knowu can't touch thislook in my eyes,manu can't touch thisyo, let me bust the funky lyricsu can't touch thisfresh new kicks and pantsyou got it like that now you know you wanna danceso move out of your seatand get a fly girl and catch this beatwhile it's rollinghold onpump a little bit and let 'em know it's going onlike thatlike thatcold on a mission so fall on backlet 'em know that you're too muchand this is a beatthey can't touchyo! i told youu can't touch thiswhy you standing there, man?u can't touch thisyo,sound the bells, school is in, suckeru can't touch thisgive me a song or rhythmmaking 'em sweatthat's what i'm giving'emnow they knowyou talk about the hammer, you're talking about a showthat's hyped and tightsingers are sweating so pass them a wipeor a tape to learnwhat it is going to take in the '90sto burn the chartslegit either work hard or you might as well quitthat's the word,because you knowu can't touch thisu can't touch thisbreak it downstop. . . hammer timego with the flowit is saidthat if you can't groove to thisthen you probably are deadso wave your hands in the airbust a few moves, run your fingers through your hairthis is it for a winterdance to this an' you're gonna get thinnermove slide your rumpjust for a minute, let's all do the bumpbump bump bumpyeah, u can't touch thislook man, u can't touch thisyou better get hypedboy 'cause you know ya can'tu can't touch thisring the bell, school's back inbreak it downstop. hammer timeu can't touch thisu can't touch thisu can't touch thisu can't touch thisbreak it downstop. hammer timeevery time you see methe hammer's just so hypedi'm dope on the floorand i'm magic on the mikenow why would i everstop doing this?when others making recordsthat just don't hiti've toured around the worldfrom london to the bayit's hammer, go hammer, m.c.hammer, yo hammerand the rest can go and playcan't touch thisu can't touch thisu can't touch thisu can't touch thisyeah,u can't touch thisi told you, u can't touch thistoo hype, can't touch thisyo, we outta here, can't touch this

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