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Date added: 2004-12-21
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Date Added: 2004-12-21 08:21:45

a gente quer valer o nosso amor
a gente quer valer nosso suor
a gente quer valer o nosso humor
a gente quer do bom e do melhor
a gente quer carinho e atenção
a gente quer calor no coração
a gente quer suar mas de prazer
a gente quer é ter muita saúde
a gente quer viver a liberdade
a gente quer viver felicidade
a gente não tem cara de panaca
a gente não tem jeito de babaca
a gente não está com a bunda exposta na janela pra passar a mão nela
a gente quer viver pleno direito
a gente quer viver todo respeito
a gente quer viver uma nação
a gente quer é ser um cidadão

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2005-09-16 00:31:06

Translation and Commentary

by 'Gonzaguinha' -- Luiz Gonzaga, Jr.

For some reason, following the 'Katrina' hurricane and flood disaster in the south, I find myself endlessly thinking of the melodic masterpiece É, by the late Luiz Gonzaga, Jr., better known as 'Gonzaguinha'. Killed in a car wreck in 1991 just when he was becoming better known in the USA, he would have been 50 years old this September 22, a week from today.

Gonzaguinha was born in a favela -- a shantytown -- in Rio de Janeiro, and always referred to himself as a 'moleque', or street urchin. On more than a dozen albums, he wrote, played guitar, and sang about the life of the 'gente' -- the people -- that he knew so well. His love songs, ballads, folk songs, and anthems of protest and inspiration have been recorded by artists as diverse as Gal Costa, Alcione, Maria Bethania, Fagner, Simone, and his own legendary father Luiz Gonzaga Sr., and are increasingly covered by internationally-known artists, particularly in the jazz genre.

The melody and chordal progression of this song are extraordinarily complex, swirling in one continuing crescendo all the way from beginning to end, no two stanzas alike. It is a classic and inimitable example of a 'chanson' (song composition) in the Brazilian samba style.

If you can get hold of a copy of Gonzaguinha's CD by the same name, CDP 7 91688 2, published by World Pacific (a division of Capitol Records) in 1990, you may consider yourself very fortunate.

-- John Wilmerding


É ('It Is')
by 'Gonzaguinha' -- Luiz Gonzaga, Jr.

It is we who want to enrich our love
we who want to enrich our sweat
we who want to enrich our humor
we who want what's good, and what's better
we who want tenderness and attention
we who want heat in our heart
we who want to sweat more from pleasure
we who want to live in liberty
we who want to live out happiness

It is we who don't have the face of a fool
we who don't act like a sucker
we who don't put our ass out the window
... for a passing hand's delight

It is we who want to live full of righteousness
we who want to live respecting everything
we who want to live as one nation
we who want to be, and are, its citizens

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