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Tuesday, April 23rd 2019

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Home > Lyrics > F > Frankee (Frankie) > Fuck You Right Back
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Date added: 2004-03-11
Quality: 83.8% (rated: 174x)
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Lyric comments:
24 comments in total. Showing all
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2005-10-18 01:15:06

thanx frankee for making such a bad ass song. i dedicated this song to my ex-bf going by tha nick name gizmo. tryin to be a latin king when he was with me and now flaked to a blood but thats aiight cuz im just laughin at cha cuz u wanted to be a down ass bitch but go ahead cuz i aint mad at cha u fucken flake ALKQN ALMIGHTY LATIN KING and QUEEN NATION!!!!! AMOR DE REY POR VIDA!!!!! GIV LUV 2 DAT 5 POINT CROWN

2005-09-22 20:17:29

yah fuck guys, those that suck in bed get what c0mes to em!!

NIña BixItO
2005-09-12 00:56:19

sta song va dedicated para un hp k me jodio the life!!

2005-08-20 19:55:42

Woot Woot!! Thank you This song is for the fuck named Jerry C. Bemis III This song is so true!! The only diffrence is I didn't cheat I loved the fucker. But I guess he will have to deal with all the other chix laughing at him because he can't last and can't have good sex.

2005-08-02 13:30:47

songs for my ex bf..................

2005-08-02 13:30:43

songs for my ex bf..................

2005-07-24 09:44:37

awesome song!!! reminds me of my ex bf jay... go frankee!!!!!!!

2004-07-19 22:42:34

Well I can say that both songs were only made to have money , both of them (Eamon and Frankee) are together but they planned to do 2 songs to have money ;) . Frankee this line "Well guess what your,your sex was wack" is amazing!!! She embaressed him but he did this too another time ;)!!! Nice songs anyway

2004-06-21 10:41:27

first I like eamon but emaon is boringfrankee is much better! go frankee! but eamon is hot :-) xxx lizzy

2004-06-21 08:52:32

go and brush your shoulders off

2004-06-16 17:16:55

Love this, he tried to humiliate hr and it back fired!!!!!!!!!!!! Go girl

2004-06-15 09:18:07

nah bo eamons song is still all that and a bag of chips! sorri lad but ur songs a few fries short!

2004-06-15 05:01:46

Haha...helll yeah...LADIES IS PIMPS TOO!!!!

2004-06-14 06:44:45

this shit is so fuckin' degradin'. Not only did he hoe the shit out of her, but she hoed herself. What dumb broad sings a song to the world she screwed her mans friends, and publicises her slutty activities, and would actually expect another guy to be with them, smart move re-re (retard), smart move. It most be true shes a slut because if not she wouldn't had responded and came public.

2004-06-13 14:38:01

this is wayyyy cooler than i thought!! haha ya just kicked eamons ass!!! err.. not literary but ur song kicks butt!!!!eamons song is way down the drain now

2004-06-12 04:57:18

You go girl.

sexy chics
2004-06-06 13:03:29

frankee, ure a fuckin retard n u cant fink of a song urself u fuckin stupid bitch. eamons song is well betta go finga ureself considerin u hav BETTA SEX ALL ALONE.

G - Unit
2004-06-05 12:04:09

uuuuuueeeeee. Fuck u right back frankie. u making money by fuckin stealin Eamon song. Go cry for me girl.

naughty chick
2004-06-02 10:12:29

im so excited to hear u moaning real loud .can u mention it in another song .bitch

2004-06-02 09:45:28


lil nastyy whore
2004-05-22 21:54:40

umm .. girl wit da name origiannly insane fuck you ok yu aint got da words rite yu fucken hoe yu tryen ta coorect sumwun n yu dun noe wuh yu fuckensayen fuck lil skank go fuck ur mama fucken bitch

2004-05-09 00:45:09

Corrected those lines you mentioned. Thanks!

2004-05-08 14:09:26

the line "maybe I would have if woulda come to me" is actually "maybe i would have if you'd gone down there" and the line "I can't sweat that cause Im not ur hoe" is actually "i cant sweat that cause i got to go". plus this isnt actually about eamon, as she refers to a guy named Joe in the song. someone probably just ran a competion to see who came up with best rebuttle song.

2004-05-08 14:05:09

This must be real love! ;-)

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